The discovery that flour slurry could be turned into flavorful and nutritious bread changed the trajectory of human civilization. Long after its original cultivation, humans discovered that the component which makes this transformation possible is wild yeast, a microorganism that literally surrounds us. New Yorkers often say that their pizza is superior because of local water. This statement has a scientifically backed argument- the microbiome, mostly yeast, that lives in the air and water are inherently different from location to location due to a huge variety of factors. Wild yeast sourdough made in Baltimore will taste different than a wild yeast sourdough made in Thailand. Through this lens I relearn my relationship to my own culture. Filtered through American air, soil and water, the foods I am accustomed to are different than that which my parents based their recipes. Capillary Bowl is an acceptance and celebration of the "hyphen American", relishing in the soul that geography breathes into identity.

Capillary Bowl, a reference to the fantastical perpetual motion machine, cold brews Jasmine tea. Over time, water is taken out of the air and syphoned through a series of distillation techniques. The brewed tea that collects below becomes a record of what has transpired in the room the machine occupies.  

(original installation in TAPROOT)